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Instruction Manual for the Moon II, ©2005, 2.75 x 3 x 2.5 inches. Brass, copper, plastics, found objects. I used the concept of Instruction Manual for the Moon, but with all new parts. For this one I glued a moon map to copper clad plastic and cut out shapes for the ground. Making these books is usually intuitive. I work from a pile of stuff that looks likely or interesting. This book is part of a series of three, the orginal is here, the third is here. SOLD. Scroll down for more views.

The pages are copper clad plastic, with a liver of sulfur patina. I love the colors you get. I cut separate pages for each side and riveted them back to back. The star texture on the little house was made in a rolling mill. It's left over from some other project.

These landscapes are an imaginary space where people go when they die, or before they are born. It's very quiet and peaceful.

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