Contemporary Books
The Book Arts Web is also the home of the Book-Arts List, a fantastic source of book making information. You can search the archives without signing up for the list. From the home page, click on "reference" for a list of useful articles, including tutorials.
The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild  - on-line exhibitions, lists of workshops and lots of links.
The Guild of BookWorkers - if you click on "Exhibits" you go to a list of online artist's books shows.
Dorothy Simpson Krause - Lovely nuanced artist's books.
Lisa Kokin - playful artist's books, also sculpture and installations.
Ron Pippen - Gallery 8 has amazing altered books - very dense with lots of found stuff added. The other galleries appear to be all assemblage.
Shanna Leino - Very nice bound books, some have bone covers, some have metal covers. She also sells lovely bone folders.
Calligraphy, Lettering Art and Artist Books - Mostly calligraphy, there is a nice page of annotated links and an Artist Book Gallery (which includes my work).
Andrea Dezso - Amazingly detailed one-of-a-kind artist's books, drawings, film.
Ed Hutchins' books - Also a tunnel book slide show.
Jade Pegler - Jade works with paper and textiles. Sometimes she makes books, sometimes her sculptures make me think about what books are, besides containers of words.
Rae Trujillo - Funny and engaging artist's books.

Wire Edge Binding
Daniel Kelm's utube video about his book "Mars." He developed wire edge binding, Mars is a beautiful book that comes out of it's box flat, and folds into a dodecahedron.
Lezbag has two wonderful wire edge bound books on her blog, here, and here.

Deb Stoner - the queen of real eyewear. She has a gallery of her work, and student work. Also check out the jewelry. I love the hasp bracelet.
Book Clasps - Joycelyn Merchant's clasps require only simple metalworking skills.
Arthur Gansen's Machines - the ones with the little hand cranks remind me of Paul Klee.
Jessica Joslin - she makes animals with skulls, bones and brass found objects. This description does not do the work justice.
Ganoksin - a great resource for metal artists.

Supplier Database from Product Realization Lab - do you need fabric, metal and paint? Check this list. Mostly stores in the San Francisco bay area, but many have websites.
List of tools you need to make jewelry or small metal objects. Includes a description of how each tool is used so you can decide if you need it now. From the Ganoksin site.
Volcano Arts - this is a huge site with metalworking and book making tools, plus there are tutorials, and lots of photos of finished projects. When I emailed to ask her a question she was very helpful.
Stampeaz - supplies for linoleum and soft block carving. I got a refund on shipping when she was able to get everything in one box.
John Neal - Purchase book-making books, supplies, or a subscription to Bound and Lettered, orginally Tabellae Ansata.
Eden Workshops - here's a site that has an emphasis on good quality fine binding supplies. He's located in France. There are also free tutorials - including one for paste paper that has a lot of good tips I haven't seen other places.

Magazines and Zines
Bound and Lettered, orginally Tabellae Ansata, is available from John Neal's web site, also list in supplies, above.
The Bonefolder is a free pdf download available from The Book Arts Web.
Fiji Island Mermaid Press Book of the Month Club - For $25 you can get 12 little books from Marc Snyder. Every one is humorous and makes you think.

A mystery site - It looks like a large collection of dried animals, but most are too fantastic to be real. If you click on a link that has a number in the title you come to a map of a building. Click on a room and you'll see the collection for that room. It turns out this is an online collection of creatures “curated” by Hajime Emoto. Here's a blog post with an explanation.
Golden Paint's page of tips for painting on metal - useful for my Make a metal book tutorial.
Zymoglyphic Museum - My husband's web site. This is the strangest museum site on the internet. It includes a book made from a rusty piece of metal that suggests a book cover, with pages made of leaves.
The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - A huge collection of maps. They enlarge nicely.
Epact - Scientific instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. These are so wonderful and amazing. They enlarge nicely, too.
Spark Museum - Vintage Radio and Scientific Apparatus. I love these old devices.

Bay Area Book and Metal Organizations
The Bay Area Book Artists are a fantastic group of people. Check out the gallery. They present the Book Arts Jam every fall.
San Francisco Center for the Book - They have lots of classes, an active community of book artists.
Silicon Valley Open Studios - Annual event, first three weekends in May. A chance to visit artists in their natural habitat. My husband, of the Zymoglyphic Museum, and I usually participate, as Studio 19.

Pinhole Photography
Taking pinhole photos amazes me. It's just a box, a tiny hole and some film or photo paper. Magic!
My flickr matchbox pinhole camera instructions.
My flickr set of pinhole photographs.
World Wide Pinhole Photography Day - Every April people all over the world take pinhole photographs.
And there is a flickr group for World Wide Pinhole Day.
Photographs of negatives are a good alternative to scanning your pinhole photos. Of course there is a flickr group devoted to this.
Al's Pix instructions for making a matchbox pinhole camera. You can use 35mm film in this one.
Matchbox Pinhole - photosharing group on flickr. Includes some discussion about the cameras.
The Pinhole Gallery - Gallery, forum, how to make camera out of black foamcore, exposure guide.
Chris Keeney's Minty Fresh Pinhole Camera - How to make an altoids tin into a pinhole camera that takes 35mm film.
Also check out Chris Keeney's pinhole photography resource page. It's huge! While you're there take a look at his photos - he's a master.
Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography - make a pinhole camera with an oatmeal box. Detailed instructions for both the camera and the pinhole itself. Uses 4 x 5 photo paper for film.
Madmolecule has a nice magnetic attachment to a tripod for a camera made in an empty mini-DVD cassette.
Catherine Heyman - Her pinhole photos are very atmospheric, there are also some whimsical tin toys (dessins enfents). "Stenope" is pinhole in French.
The Populist is a pinhole camera that holds the film inside a box you make. No tape is involved, making the camera quicker to load. It also has a longer "focal length" for a more normal perspective in the photos.

Gameboy Camera Photography
Flickr Gameboy Camera photo pool - a nice group of people, wide range of approaches.
Ironic Sans has a blog post on making color photos with the Gameboy camera. It requires four filters and some photoshop expertise. - Gameboy Camera Gallery and Tutorial - an online book - AirStrike - and a nice selection of gameboy camera photos.

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