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What I'm up to on Flickr - galleries of pinhole photos - pinhole cameras made from matchboxes or mint tins - some old snapshot cameras I use as inspiration - film photography.

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Commissions - Here's how I do commissions: You describe what you want, or tell me you would like something similar to a certain thing I have already made. Please realize I can't reproduce an old work - it's just not possible for me, my thinking changes over time. If I can do it, and if it fits with my current work. I'll give you an approximate price. If this is all good for you, I'll make something. If you like it, you have the option of buying it. I don't take a deposit, and you are not commited to buy the finished object. This way the object fits with the work I am doing, and you don't have to commit to buying something before seeing it. The price variables are usually the amount of time it takes to finish the work and the cost of materials.

Here's an example: Instruction Manual for the Moon III and Arches were both commissions inspired by Instruction Manual for the Moon.

Below are links to blog posts about my sources of inspiration.


More on Dreams as inspiration

Childhood Memories

Found Phrases

The wish to create tools to aid me in life


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