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The fish who swims in the sky, ©1993. 3.5 x 6 x 1.5 inches. Sterling silver, brass, plexiglass, coral, star fish, pearl. There is a blog post about this book here. SOLD. Scroll down for inside views.

Cover detail. The starfish is held by three prongs that fold over to keep it in place. There is a small dome soldered to one of the prongs. The red coral eye is held by a similar small piece of metal, with rays that fold up to hold the coral. I couldn't solder on that small scale, so I made a tiny star shaped piece of metal and riveted it to the cover. The pearl is held in the same way as the pearl on Fish Messages. (When you get to that page, scroll down to see a detail of the pearl.) The scales are wire jump rings, cut in half, soldered on and hammered.

The cover hinges up on two pieces of tubing that are achored on the back with tiny bolts. The first page is a sterling silver skeleton.

The second pags is copper guts. The heart is a bead, mounted by a small piece of wire that passes through a piece of tubing soldered above and below the heart. There are brains, the heart and a stomach.

The last page is more copper guts. There are more brains, lungs and intestines.

The last page is a sterling silver shape. I was thinking of this shape as the spirit of the fish.

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