The Gameboy camera - What can an artist do with a kid's toy?

Page 1: the camera and Gameboys reviewed
Page 2: scans from different Gameboys compared
Page 3: Gameboy operating instructions
Page 4: how to make a scan
Page 5: some experiments

In this detail from my free download maze book, My Studio, I'm using enlarged Gameboy photos in the background. I like the way they break up and become texture. All these photos were scanned from a Gameboy Color. You can probably also see dust and a cat hair in the upside down photo with the lamp.

A detail from dreaming made easy - another free download. I used a lot of layers in Photoshop to combine drawing and this gameboy photo. It's the same plastic dinosaur you see in the previous image.

An experiment with dithering turned off. Scanned from a Gameboy Advance. I had to do some extreme sharpening in Smart Sharpen (250%).

Detail of previous undithered image. You can see the difference between the blocks of dark and light pixels above, and the dithered ones in the top image.

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