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Above: some of the tools used to make ear post rivets. Left to right they are: lid for the small drill stand where I keep my tiny drill bits, the base of an old iron. Lying on the iron base, the drill bit stand, which holds #80 to #61 drill bits and a tiny #69 drill bit (it looks like a piece of wire). Next, a 4 ounce ball peen hammer, a packet of drill bits, a steel block. Just below the block there is a punch and a nail set. The dark grey punch has a very sharp point that doesn't show well in the photo. The shiny nail set appears blunt and has a slightly concave shape in the tip.

Tools and supplies to make ear post rivets: 

  • your book pages or a piece of brass or copper.
  • an object you want to attach to your page. It must be drillable.
  • ear posts
  • flush cut nippers
  • #69 or 70 wire drill bit
  • 2 or 4 ounce ball peen hammer
  • punch
  • dremel moto tool, household drill if it accepts tiny wire drill bits, or a jeweler's flex shaft.
  • 3/16" nail set
  • a steel block, or old iron (the kind with no holes for steam. Take the handle off carefully. You may see mica inside, don't crumble and breathe it, it's bad for your lungs.)

    Most jewelry supply places would have the ear posts, flush cut nippers, wire drill bits, ball peen hammers, steel blocks and the flex shaft.

    Hardware stores usually have the small ball peen hammers, nail sets, punches, household drills and dremel moto tools.

    Check thrift stores for old irons.

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The dremel moto tool in a stand that makes it into a drill press. There is a ball point pen on the base. I usually lay a scrap piece of wood on the base to raise the platform a little higher. You could drill holes for rivets by holding the dremel in your hand. I just keep it on the stand and keep a drill bit in it, so I can easily come over and drill a hole quickly.
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