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Prayer Icon, © 2007, 7.5 x 6 x 4.5 inches. The little book is 2.5 inches high. Prayer flags, candles, gas tank float, old iron, doll face, bees wax, found objects, watercolor paper, collage, acrylics. I had some prayer flags outside my studio for about a year. They became faded and I started thinking, are they wearing out, or are they getting more powerful? If they were more powerful, maybe I had another use for them, in art. If they were wearing out, maybe I should put fresh ones out there.

For me, meditation, prayer and remembering people you love who have died are all very similar. In each case you could feel connected to the hugeness of the universe. Not for Sale. Scroll down for more views.

Pages 2 and 3. I left as many loose threads on the pieces of prayer flag as possible. The fraying parts are the prayers, escaping into the ether.

Pages 4 and 5. I have been distressing and texturing my papers a lot before using them in collage. I love that I can make them look like I found them on the street.

Pages 6 and 7. I was thinking of the starry area as our "real" world. The rocket zooms into another place, carrying it's message to a place where prayers are heard by the people we want to be able to talk to.

Pages 8 and 9. The fountain and candles are from photos my son took in Portland.

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